Tattoos, Who’s Got Them & Why?

Tattoos, Who’s Got Them & Why?

Tattoos, Who’s Got Them & Why?

A tattoo is a design created by inserting inks, dyes, and pigments into the skin which dates back thousands of years. Historically, tattoos were used by tribes during rituals to mark a person of social status and power but today tattoos are more about self-expression and showcasing your uniqueness and creativity!

It’s 2017, Aren’t Tattoos A Dying Trade?

Not at all, tattoos are a cultural phenomenon becoming increasingly popular everyday with more social acceptance in everyday life and in the workplace. The Millennial generation has ensured the growing popularity of tattooing, due to the ever increasing exposure to tattoos online and in the media. Conversations through social media where netizens share stories and experiences, their tattoo ideas and recommendations have established tattoos as a trend that’s here to stay.

Are There Different Tattoo Techniques?

Most commonly tattoos are done with a sterile needle and a handheld mechanical tattoo device. This device creates a tattoo by permanently marking the skin with indelible ink. This is the most popular and modern tattoo technique being used worldwide. However, there are other techniques such as the trending ‘Stick and Poke ‘ tattoo, common in Thailand, where Buddhist monks create a ‘Sak Yant’ tattoo in the temple. This tattoo is a blessing and is created uniquely for each person. It consists of manually pressing ink into the skin one dot at a time via a sharp object, a much longer process but closer to the traditional method of tattooing.

Where and Who should do my Tattoo?

Always, always, always get your tattoo done in a professional tattoo studio. Why? A professional tattoo studio, like Angel Art, will use sterile needles and machines, use the best tattoo ink available, ensure your tattoo is high quality and appropriate time is taken to give you the awesome tattoo you want. Our resident Tattoo artist at Angel Art is Peter Murray @Tripple P Ink, who has created an impressive portfolio over the years (on our website) and is a proud member of ABMAI. Tripple P always ensures his clients are happy from the moment they walk in the door, from consultation, to design, to ink day to end product!

So Tell Us, Have You Got A Tattoo, If So, Why?

If you have any Angel Art Tattoos, send them to us and be featured on our website – show off your ink in the best way possible!! Or send us any more tattoo questions you may have and we will answer them in our next newsletter 😀

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