Tattoo Costs Explained

Tattoo Costs Explained

πŸ’« WTF is a Base Price?!? 😬

Everything You Want To Know About Pricing
Every Tattoo Is Not The Same & Neither Are The Prices.
The Cost Of A Tattoo Depends On Many Factors

Factors Influencing Tattoo Cost

+ Tattoo Size

The Size of Your Tattoo is The Primary Driving Factor of the Cost.
Larger Tattoos Cost More Because They Take More Time to Complete.

+ Colours & Design Complexity

A Tattoo in Black is Less Expensive Compared to One Containing Multiple Colours Why? Coloured Tattoo Requires More Detail, Time & Ink.

If You Want The Tattoo Filled with Colour or Shaded, You’ll be Spending More Time in the Chair.

Complex Designs Take Longer to Draw & Flash – The More Detailed It Is, The More Time It Will Take

For People Who Are Looking For an Economical Tattoo, A One-Coloured or Less Detailed Tattoo May Be The Answer!

+ Placement

The Human Body contains Nerves which have Sensitivity Receptors, There are Parts of the Body More Sensitive than Other Parts, These Include Hands, Feet, Ribs, Sternum/Chest & Lower Back

The More Sensitive Parts will Cost More than the Less Sensitive Parts as these Areas May Take Longer & Require More Skill to Apply

+ Custom or Flash Designs

Designing One’s Own Original Creation (Custom) Tattoo will Take More Time as The Tattoo Artist Creates Your Design Compared to Tweaking a Design from a Flash Book we Already Have

The Design Plays a BIG Factor in Tattoo Pricing 🀯

What is a Base Price?

The Base Price is a Minimum Cost of Every Tattoo Covering A Set-Up Fee

There Are Many Elements That Decide The Set Up Fee of a Tattoo:

  1. Providing A Sterile Set Up For Each Client
  2. Time Spent Setting up, Breaking down, Scrubbing Bagging & Autoclaving Grips
  3. Drawing, Designing & Flashing the Tattoo
  4. Premise Rental, Rates, Material Costs etc

Calling & Messaging The Studio for Exact Pricing WILL NOT Work!
It is Difficult to Accurately Price A Tattoo Design Without Seeing It & You!

If You Send Us a Picture of the Design You are Considering & Details of the Size Along with Placement, We Will be able to Estimate the Cost but we Would Always Recommend a FREE Consultation with One of Our Artists

Not only will a Consultation Help You Understand the Work Involved but Also Provide The Time to Plan & Make any Design Adjustments So That You Can Plan, Love & Afford Your Next Tattoo 😊

Tattoo Prices Explained

Tattoo Prices Explained Arrow Tattoo
Tattoo Prices Explained Angel Art

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