Henna Aftercare



The Do’s

  • In order to obtain the best results, the area to which henna will be applied shall be firstly exfoliated. This process will remove any dead skin cells and provide a smooth base for the paste. It is also recommended to moisturise the area. Any self tanning products will interfere with how the stain turns out and how long it lasts therefore those should be avoided both before, and after the procedure.
  • After the henna paste is applied, it is recommended to leave it on for as long as possible. The longer the paste is left on the darker and long lasting the stain will turn out. Most henna products are dried by air and then peeled off,
    in order to obtain the best results its advised to leave the dry paste on and let it fall off. A light rinse with warm water (ONLY patting when drying! NO rubbing) is recommended after the paste has flaked off to remove any residue.
  • The key point in Henna Aftercare is to use oils and oil based moisturisers to extend the life of your henna. Oils such as jojoba, tea tree and clove bud are recommended to be rubbed into your stain once a day. The reason why oils and moisturisers are good for making your henna last longer is that they keep the skin from drying out and flaking which will lead to a faster disappearance of the design as it will come off along with the dry skin.
  • The longer you dont let your henna come in contact with water, the better ! Henna needs at least 24 hours to penetrate the skin and leave a stain, even though it may look like the stain is prominent after a shorter period of time, it may come off much quicker. It is advised to avoid contact with meow until the henna paste has completely flaked off. It can be then rinsed with warm water and patted dry, any rubbing using towels etc will make the stain more faint or might rub it off completely.
  • Excessive washing and friction (eg. sleeves, gloves, towels) will make your henna fade much faster. As mentioned above, henna stains are prone to being rubbed off, therefore its crucial to follow the step about moisturisers and oils and NEVER rub your henna with a towel when washing your hands ! All henna art will vary in
    how well it keeps depending on how well you take care of it.

More Information

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