Piercing Aftercare



The Do’s

  • First 3-5 Days:
  • Wash Your Hands!
  • Wash Twice Daily with Pre-Made Saline Solution from the Studio or Make Your Own: (1/4tsp Sea Salt : 1/2cup Bottled/Boiled Water) in a Clean Disposable Cup
  • Remove Softened ‘crusties’ with Gauze or Cotton Buds
  • 1-4 Weeks:
  • Clean Once Per Day
  • 4-6 Weeks:
  • Clean Every 1-2 Days Depending On Build Up & Return For Check Up//Downsize

The Don’ts

  • Do not over clean – your body has both good and bad bacteria, over-cleaning removes the good bacteria that you need and can be as bad as not cleaning your piercing!
  • Do not twist your piercing or play excessively with your piercing while it’s healing
  • Do not change the jewelry before the recommended time, unless otherwise instructed by your piercer