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Who’s it for?

This body piercing course has been developed specifically for beginners to novice piercers. It is a fantastic learning experience that requires no prior body piercing knowledge.

The Angel Art Academy training course is ideal for professionals in the body art or beauty industry who are looking to bring body piercing to their business. The industry has seen steady growth over the past few years with no sign of slowing down. This is largely due to the ever-growing social acceptance of body piercing. This is creating a high demand for quality body piercing artists. Introducing body piercing into your business plan can see your business grow significantly.

What’s it cover?

The course covers the history of piercing, cannula, blade techniques, skin divers, body jewelry and piercing aftercare. Other topics include: health,safety,hygiene (covering blood borne pathogens) and client care. This will provide you with a complete and comprehensive insight into piercing techniques.

It will entail four days intensive training on site, two weeks study at home and also with hands on practical training on clients in a studio environment. This will be under our strict supervision. Your piercings will be photographed to help start your very own portfolio. On top of that, we offer unlimited support over the phone or by email if you may need it later.

It is a highly engaging course while being both practical and interactive. It provides our learners with an in-depth working knowledge of professional body piercing and the confidence to enter the world of body piercing.

What’s it cost?

The overall course fee comes to €950. This covers all of the course material. This includes photographs of your performed piercings, supplier information and our unlimited support. There is a non-refundable deposit of €250 which is required to enroll and secure your place.

You can book your place over the phone on +353 85 229 7176 or by email at info@angelart.ie. You will receive the course materials prior to your on site training.