Angel Lee

Angel Lee

Owner & Head Piercer

Angel Lee Joanne Photo

Angel Lee is the founder and head piercer at Angel Art.
As an avid collector of body art, Angel Lee can offer advice in all areas of body modification. She thrives to offer clients a safe, precise body piercing, tattoo or other body art in a clean, relaxed and friendly studio environment.

From Piercings, Tattoos, Scarification, Henna and Dreads she is happy to help you design your perfect piece of body art!
Having completed her training at The Academy in the UK and is a proud member of ABMAI (Association of Body Modification Ireland) she is the soul of the Angel Art Studio!

She has recently set up the Angel Art Piercing Academy, offering training to produce high-quality professional piercers entering into the Body Modification Industry in Ireland and aiming to create a peer network of professionals.